k impls (mar 2020)

kona klong kdb+/q kuc ok ngn/k ktye/i shakti(k7) shakti ThePlatform
dialect k3 k-like k4 k5? k6 k6 k-like k7 k9 k-like
impl c c (pure c99) c? c js c w ? c rust
license isc public domain 32bit eula or 64bit eula (warning: telemetry!) gpl3 mit agpl3 none (proprietary) eula eula open source soon
size 1500k
600k 1700k
40k(js) 120k ~20k 250k ? 10M
try online tio* - - - editor, repl, tio* editor, repl, tio* repl repl - repl
repl help \ ]h - - \h (in web repl) \h - \h \ -
docs wiki free manual or commercial book q ref - manual - in src k reference card (unofficial) k9 simples (unofficial) tutorial
remarks - - type \ to switch from q to k closures graphics, sound, keyboard api x86_64 linux&freebsd only no atoms parallelism, crypto - concurrency, streams, join calculus, DSLs,reagents

* as of jan 2021 tio.run hasn't been updated for more than a year